STCW Advanced Safety Training Refresher course for Seafarers incl. Medical Care

Target group:
Deck officers, who need to update their Advanced Safety Training course, including medical care.

Participant must have successfully completed training in accordance with Advanced Safety Training Tables A-VI/2-1, A-VI/3, A-VI/4-1 and A-VI/4-2. This must be documented either:

  • with a valid Advanced Safety Training course, that is no older than 5 years with documented sea time;
  • or a valid Certificate of Competence for deck officers.

The course is conducted in accordance with the STCW convention regulation VI/2, VI/3 and VI/4, sections A-VI/2, A-VI/3 and A-VI/4 and tables A-VI/2-1, A-VI/3-1, A-VI/4-1 and A-VI/4-2 and consists of updating practical and theoretical training in rescue boats, advanced fire-fighting, medical first aid and medical care.

Course validity:
5 years

4 days

12.000,- kr

Course location:
Stavanger, Hundvåg, Tømmerodden 1B (check in Google Maps)

For more information, contact:
Unni P. Salte (51 50 03 91,

Course calender: