Working Environment, Responsibilities and Consequences (Module 1.1)

trolley_300Target group:
Personnel that in their daily work uses forklift, lifting equipment and earthmoving machines.

Course goals:
The purpose of the training is to give drivers who use working equipment a good general basic training in safe use of the equipment in order to avoid accidents.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Laws and regulations
  • Working environment, responsibilities and consequences
  • External environment
  • Safety regulations for use of working equipment
  • Dangerous goods – Labeling and handling
  • Exam

Course modules:
Module 1.1 – Working Environment, Responsibilities and Consequences (in Norwegian)

No prerequisites

8 hours

1,900.- NOK

The module ends with a written exam (1 hour).

Course certificate:
A certificate will be issued to each candidate who has completed the training.

Course location:
Stavanger, Hundvåg, Tømmerodden 1B (check in Google Maps)

Contact for more information:
Inge Rune Bøe (41 67 43 31,

Course calendar: ON REQUEST.