Basic Safety and Emergency Preparedness Course (GSK)

Target group:
For all personnel working offshore on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

To train the course participant to be able to protect his/her safety in an emergency situation and promote safe behaviour.

The participant should be motivated to promote a better and safer working environment. Emphasis is placed on preventive measures that can avoid injuries to people, the environment and equipment.

After completing the course, the participants will have basic knowledge and skills relating to:

  • _MG_3106_800HSE culture and correct safety behaviour
  • Prevention of work accidents
  • Use of relevant fire/rescue equipment
  • Lifesaving first-aid
  • Collective means of evacuation
  • Correct use of survival suit with emergency breathing system
  • Helicopter evacuation (HUET)

The course aims to create positive attitudes to the term “HSE culture”, as well as understanding for the social and physical working environment’s significance for life, health and values in work as well as recreational time.

Prerequisite knowledge:
E-learning course BST.


  • Introduction
  • HSE culture and behaviour
  • First-aid
  • Collective evacuation
  • Fire protection
  • Sea rescue
  • Helicopter evacuation

5 days

12.500,- kr

Course location:
Stavanger, Hundvåg, Tømmerodden 1B (check in Google Maps)
Nosefo: Tau or Bergen (course calendar)

For more information, contact:
Unni P. Salte (51 50 03 91,

Course calender: