Brazil: First graduates in Derrickman course

Last year Stavanger Offshore Technical College (SOTS) and a local vocational school in Rio de Janeiro, ETERJ collaborated in the launching of a specialized course for those interested in entering the offshore oil industry as Derrickmen.

DSC04608Although the program was built upon the actual curriculum in use at SOTS, the course content was delivered in Portuguese. Technical College Petroleum is a course of study aimed at providing specialized education for the oil and gas industry. Some of the topics covered were: Drilling, Geology, Production, HSE, Well Fluids, Technical English and Well Design, among others. Students also had access to the online learning platform its-learning where they had access to various online resources.

We wish the five graduates success in their future professional lives and hope to continue partnership with ETERJ in working towards building up local skills and competences of high international standards.

Publisert: 16.04.2015

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